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IMAGINE you’re 8 years old and have never been in the hospital before. It turns out it wasn’t so smart or funny to chase the softball into the street. Now you’re stuck in bed with a broken right arm and leg. You’re in more pain than you’ve ever experienced. You’re going to be hospitalized for 2 weeks.

Your mom’s at the hospital with you most of the time, but even though your injuries are confined to an arm and leg, she’s still worried. You spend more time doing nothing than ever before. You can’t play video games because of your cast. It’s also difficult to leave your room. All that makes the waiting worse.

And then you receive a Big Fun Box! You look inside and find “HeadGames” and discover ways to distract yourself and your mom from the waiting and fatigue. You only need your brain – no paper or pencil. It’s the perfect solution for yours and your mom’s bored and worried brains.


What's inside

What’s Inside

Find out a lot more about everything that is inside The Big Fun Box.



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